Every bra company sizes slightly differently, there are no rules except to follow the instructions given by a particular brand. For that reason, it is important that you follow these instructions in order to find your size for these bras.


You need two measurements

Ribs: Measure under the bust while breathing normally. Find this size in inches on the top row of the chart.

Cup depth: With your breast in a supported position, ideally in a well fitting unpadded bra, measure vertically from the fullest part of the breast (usually the nipple, but not always) to the place where your breast connects to the ribs. Find this measurement on the first column of the chart.


Find where the two measurements intersect, and this is your bra size on this website.

 26" 28" 30" 32" 34" 36" 38" 40"
7 cm or 2 3/4" 30B 32A
7.6 cm or 3" 30C 32B 34A
8.2 cm or 3 1/4" 30D 32C 34B 36A
8.8 cm or 3 1/2" 30E 32D 34C 36B 38A
9.4 cm or 3 3/4" 30F 32E 34D 36C 38B 40A
10 cm or 4" 30G 32F 34E 36D 38C 40B 42A
10.6 cm or 4 1/4" 30H 32G 34F 36E 38D 40C 42B 44A
11.2 cm or 4 1/2" 30HH 32H 34G 36F 38E 40D 42C 44B
11.8 cm or 4 3/4" 30J 32HH 34H 36G 38F 40E 42D 44C
12.4 cm or 5" 30K 32J 34HH 36H 38G 40F 42E 44D
13 cm or 5 1/4" 32K 34J 36HH 38H 40G 42F 44E
13.6 cm or 5 1/2" 34K 36J 38HH 40H 42G 44F
14.2 cm or 5 3/4" 36K 38J 40HH 42H 44G
14.8 cm or 6" 38K 40J 42HH 44H
15.4 cm or 6 1/4" 40K 42J 44HH


I hope this makes sense! If you have any questions, observations, or input please contact me.