What goes into getting a custom bra?

As most of you now know, I have opened a storefront/ studio space in downtown Nelson for custom fittings. You might, however, be wondering what a fitting for a custom bra would mean. You will need two to three appointments, in order to get the best fit.

First appointment

The first step, of course, is to take your measurements. Because every breast is shaped slightly differently, I take more than the standard measurements needed to find one's bra size, in order to be able to draft a customized pattern.

I will also try different wire sizes and styles on you at this point to find out what suits your needs best, should you choose an underwired style.


Second appointment

In your second appointment, I will try a toile on you. Never fear, this is not the final bra. It will be very simple with minimal finishing, but it will help us to get a clear idea of how the pattern is fitting. If this is just right, we move on to the final stage, if it needs adjustment, we go to the:


Third appointment

If needed, toile adjustments will be checked again,


Finally: your custom made bra will be available for pickup or mailed to you. The pattern used to create it specially for you will be kept on file so that you can order custom lingerie in the future without having to go through the entire process again.

You now have a bra made perfectly to suit your body.