On Sustainable Fashion

On Sustainable Fashion

As much as I can, I strive to make sure my lingerie is both environmentally and socially sustainable. 

First and foremost, this means being aware of where the pieces that go into each bra, panty, or garter belt come from, or being aware of not knowing and that that could mean they are being produced in an environmentally unhealthy or exploitative way. Whenever I source a new material, that is a major consideration, as well as the looks and feel. Bringing together beauty, comfort, treatment of all people in the supply chain, and environmental responsibility are the core considerations that go into selection of new fabric, lace, and components.

That said, I cannot be certain of some of my supplies. Honesty matters to me, and probably matters to you as well, so let's dive into the nitty gritty of my sources!

The silk, used in all bras and the Smoke and White Noise knickers, comes from Dharma Trading. While they do their best to ensure good conditions in the factories of their suppliers, they note on their site that they are not always able to check themselves. They have a variety of social projects which can be viewed here: http://www.dharmasocialprojects.com/heart.html

The blue lace and the pink lace have been purchased through etsy. I cannot attest to their social or environmental footprint.

The red and black stretch lace, the white lace, and all remaining fabrics and supplies (underwires, bra backs, straps, elastics, etc.), come from Bra Makers Supply, a Canadian company with a fantastic selection. Again, I do not know where each component is made or how, but I am glad to be supporting a woman owned, small Canadian business.

Next season will have an increased focus upon sustainability, with some new silks that are organic, fair trade, and certain of which don't even harm the silk worm. I also recently received my sample order of french lace (that is made in france), which is oh so very gorgeous. More of the fabrics will be hand dyed and painted by me, so I can be confident that dyestuff is being disposed of properly. 

All pieces, of course, are made by me in Canada, so no worries on that front!

All in all, I don't think I can yet claim to be a sustainable business. However, I am working towards that, and I will always be honest with my customers about where the pieces of their bras or other various lingerie are coming from.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know! I'm trying to be the best I can for people and the environment. Any and all ideas are welcome!